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Dairy farms in Quebec:

fresh milk,
artisan cheeses, goat cheese, yogurt
direct sales and also farm visits

 Quebec dairy farmers list your cheeses, milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Quebec Dairy outlet cheese, milk & dairy goats for sale city & province  other contact 
Ferme Tourilli boutique le fromages de lait de chèvre PortneufQC    
Les Fromagiers De La Ta.. fromagerie various cheeses: artisan, cheddar, mild blue cheese (de notre vaches) Sainte-SophieQC    
La Moutonnière farmstore, FM sheep cheeses(9): aged/pressed/fresh/soft & blue vein cheese, sheep milk, dairy lessons Ste-Hélène de ChesterQC    
Ferme Larijol, Larijol .. farm 
Lamancha dairy goats - high genetic doelings
other farms:    ON dairy farms