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Dairy farms in Pennsylvania:

raw milk, yogurt,
various cheeses, goat cheese, goat milk,
also farm stores, dairy goats & farm visits

   Pennsylvania dairy farmers list your raw milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Brunton Dairy farmstore, loc del fresh milk(whole/fatfree/1-2%/flavors) buttermilk, ice cream (rBST-free) (34mi NW Pittsburgh) AliquippaPA    
Flint Hill Farm Educati.. farm grass-fed raw/pasturized goat/cow milk, cheeses, Chevres, yogurt, classes (10mi SE Allentown) CoopersburgPA    
Showman Farms farmstore Thr/Sat raw milk, 10 types of Artisan & raw milk cheeses (from our grass fed cows) (20mi S of Erie) EdinboroPA    
Marburger Farm Dairy loc delv fresh milk(whole/1-2%/skim/choc) buttermilk,(rBST-free) creams, cottage cheese Evans CityPA    
Hails Family Farm local delv organic milk, cheddar/feta/gouda cheese, yogurt, organic puddings, local delivery LopezPA    
Little Rockspring Farm farm 
Toggenburg & LaMancha dairy goats, breeder
 Blairs MillsPA    
Tree Frog Farm & Dairy farm 
Kinder dairy goats and registered Nubian goats (16mi NE of Somerset)
 Central cityPA    
Haf-Hidden-Acres Farm farm 
quality Nubian goats for milk and show (Frosty Marvin lines)
Plum Run Farm and Dairy farm 
purebred Nubian dairy goats
Steam Valley Fiber Farm farm 
Nubian dairy goats
 Trout RunPA    
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