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Dairy farms in Oregon:

fresh milk,
raw milk, various cheeses, goat cheese, yogurt
also ice cream and farm stores... farm visits

 Oregon dairy farmers list your fresh milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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The Rogue Creamery farm store award-winning natural handcrafted Blue/Cheddar cheeses (since 1935) Central PointOR    
Fairview Farm Dairy dairystore F-Mon natural goat milk/yogurt, cheeses(5), award-winning chevre, ice cream (16mi E of Salem) DallasOR    
Ferns' Edge Goat Dairy farm raw goats milk, herb-seasoned chevres & raw milk aged cheeses (organic practicing) LowellOR    
Juniper Grove Farm farm, FM various gourmet aged goat cheeses RedmondOR    
Cascade Meadows Farm farm by appt goat milk, Miniature Nubian dairy goats SandyOR    
Fraga Farm farm by appt certified organic goat cheeses (Chevre's, aged, Feta, Cheddar, Goatzarella) Sweet HomeOR    
Echo Hills Farm farm 
breeder of LaMancha/Nubian & Mini-LaMancha/Nubian/Oberhasli dairy goats
Wanna B Acres farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, breeder
Turkey Feather Farm farm 
Alpine dairy goats, breeder
other farms:    WA dairy farms