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Dairy farms in Michigan:

local milk,
various cheeses, raw milk herd shares, yogurt,
also goat cheese, and farm stores... farm visits

 Michigan dairy farmers list your local milk, cheese, dairy goats here!
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Liberty Valley Ranch farm by appt fresh goat milk - shareholder program all yr (from naturally raised goats), I-75N Otsego co GaylordMI    
Quaker Hill Farm farm by appt natural raw milk, registered Saanen & Oberhasli dairy goats HarrisvilleMI    
Malick Farms farm by appt goat milk cheese, LaMancha dairy goats; JeddoMI    
Sweet Clover Farm farm by appt goats milk (via herd shares), Nigerian dwarf goats, mini Nubians & Nubians (40mi NE of Flint) North BranchMI    
Country Winds Farm & Cr.. farm organic milk-shares (grassfed goats), hard cheeses(4), Chevres(2), tours (20mi SW of GRapids) ZeelandMI    
Mid-Michigan Creamery farm by appt goat milk cheeses - seasoned Chèvre Blanc MidlandMI    
Kaapio Acres farm by appt 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat breeder
u pick farms in MI < = = = = blueberries, raspberries, apples, veggies All over MIMI    
other farms:    South Michigan