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Dairy farms in Indiana:

fresh milk,
raw milk, various cheeses, goat cheese, yogurt
also ice cream and farm stores... farm visits

 Indiana dairy farmers list your fresh milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Goat Milk Stuff farm raw goat milk shares (naturally raised), Alpine dairy goats CharlestownIN    
Fair Oaks Farms farm store various cheeses, milk, ice cream, daily farm tours Fair OaksIN    
Blue River Natural Foods farm store raw cow milk (for pet consumption) (we're 22mi E of Indianapolis) dairyman_br549 @ GreenfieldIN    
Capriole farm by appt goat cheeses (fresh chevre's, aged raw-milk cheeses, more) GreenvilleIN    
Grass Corp. by appt grass-fed, natural raw dairy: milk/yogurt (for pets only); hard, aged cheeses (S.border,I-64) LeopoldIN    
Apple Family Farm farm store raw milk (cow shares, grass fed cows) McCordsvilleIN    
Scherf Farms Dairy & Cr.. farmstore, delv 2%/skim/whole cream-line milk, butter & creams (from pastured cows, no added hormones) delv Michigan CityIN    
Carlberg Farms farm by appt Swiss Dairy goat milk (herd shares); limited Nubians, Oberhasli goats (bt Hammond/Lafayette) RensselaerIN    
Helmstead Stables farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, breeder
BryrPatch farm by appt 
registered Nubian/Saanen dairy goats
Baby Goat Farm farm by appt 
pb Nubian dairy goats
Faithful Crown Nubians farm by appt 
Nubian dairy goats
u pick farms in IN < = = = = blueberries, raspberries, apples, veggies All over IndianaIN    
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