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Dairy farms in Georgia:

fresh milk,
raw milk, various cheeses, goat cheese, yogurt
also ice cream and farm stores... farm visits

 Georgia dairy farmers list your fresh milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Meadowhawk Farm farm by appt fresh goat milk (for pet use); registered Alpine and Nigerian Dwarf goats (40mi NW of Macon) BarnesvilleGA    
The Capra Gia Cheese Co.. farm, other fresh & aged goat cheeses, eggs (raw milk for pets only); dairy goats (37mi W of Atlanta) CarrolltonGA    
Montage Farm farm raw goats milk (for pets only), Alpine & Lamancha goats (6mi NE of Lawrenceville) DaculaGA    
Sweetbriar Farm farm by appt natural raw milk (from grass fed cows, for pets only), cheese kits (30mi NW of Gainsville) DahlonegaGA    
Cagle's Dairy Farm farm fresh milk (whole/choc), dairy farm tours Hickory FlatGA    
Greendale Farm farm, FM artisanal raw milk cheeses(12) MadisonGA    
Robinson Family Farm farm by appt,FM raw goats milk for pets, Saanen dairy goats, farm visits McDonoughGA    
The Good Shepherd Famil.. farm by appt regular & smoked cheddar cheese (& raw milk for pets) (30mi S of ATL,I-75) McDonoughGA    
Cool Springs Dairy farm raw milk for pets (from pastured Jersey cows) (15mi W of Statesboro) MetterGA    
Two By Two Farms farm by appt raw goat & sheep milk (pets only); Saanens, Alpines, Nigerian goats (15 mi E of Atl I-285) Powder SpringsGA    
Hardwicke Farms farm by appt raw goats milk (pet consumption only); Nubian Dairy goats (30mi SW of Savannah) Richmond HillGA    
MRK Farm farm by appt raw goat milk (for pet use only); Alpine dairy goats (18mi NE of I-285(Atlanta) I-85 ex111) SuwaneeGA    
LLAcres Dairy Goats farm by appt raw milk for pets sales; Nubian & LaMancha dairy goats, breeder WatkinsvilleGA    
Paradise Valley Farms farm by appt 
Mini-Nubians, Nubian dairy goats
Decimal Place Farm farm 
Saanen dairy goats, breeder
Sutton Farm & Amy's Pride farm 
alpine dairy goat breeder
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