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Dairy farms in South Carolina:

fresh milk,
raw milk, various cheeses, goat cheese, yogurt
also ice cream and farm stores... farm visits

 South Carolina dairy farmers list your fresh milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Samaria Farm farm by appt Grade A raw goat milk since 2008; dairy goats (56mi SW of Columbia,I-20) AikenSC    
Madison's Meadow farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat breeder
 Aiken CountySC    
Split Creek Farm farm store raw goat milk, goat milk cheeses (Feta, Fromage Blanc, cheese balls, etc) AndersonSC    
Jeremiah Farm & Goat Dairy farm by appt Grade A raw goat milk, cheeses, tours, cheese-making classes, dairy goats (Johns Island) CharlestonSC    
Gypsy Moon farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats
Copacetic Farm farm by appt licensed Grade A raw goat milk (grassfed, naturally raised) (6mi NE of N Myrtle Beach) Little RiverSC    
Farm Hard Earth Farm an.. farm by appt natural, grass-fed grade-A raw goat milk (use no pesticides/grain) (24mi NW of Augusta,GA) ModocSC    
One Ash Farm farm by appt natural, Grade A raw milk (pastured cows); dairy calves, Nubian goats (52mi SW of Columbia) Ridge SpringSC    
Middle Sparrow Ranch farm by appt grass-fed raw milk and artisan raw-milk cheeses(6+ varieties) (no BST) bt. Florence/Sumter SardisSC    
Milky Way Farm farm Grade A raw milk,low fat, cream/buttermilk/butter(pastured Jersey cows w/o hormones/steroids) StarrSC    
Red Clay Soap farm M-Sat natural Grade A goat milk since 1998 (pastured & free-range goats) (10mi N of Greenville) Travelers RestSC    
BMP Farms farm 
Nigerian Dwarf, French Alpine & Mini Alpine dairy goats, breeder
 Travelers RestSC    
Mabry Dairy farm raw milk and buttermilk (10mi W. of Spartanburg) WellfordSC    
Crescent Moon Farms farm by appt, FM GradeA goat milk(herbicide-free pasture), chevre/Feta, classes; dairy goats (7mi off I85 ex1) WestminsterSC    
M and M Dairy farm licensed dairy to sell raw milk and raw milk buttermilk WestminsterSC    
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