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Dairy farms in Alabama:

fresh milk,
raw milk, various cheeses, goat cheese, yogurt
also ice cream and farm stores... farm visits

 Alabama dairy farmers list your fresh milk, yogurt, dairy goats here!
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Wright Dairy farm store grass-fed non-homogenized milk (no rBST), buttermilk, ice cream (flavors) AlexandriaAL    
Wright Dairy Ice Cream farm store grass-fed non-homogenized milk (no rBST), ice cream (flavors) BirminghamAL    
Mt Moriah Farms farm store 
ADGA Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats (SW corner AL)
Northern Lights Farm farm by appt 
Alpine and Nubian dairy goats; nlfarm @ (30mi NW of Birmingham)
Lil' Hill Farm farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat breeder
Sugar Valley Farms farm 
AGS/NDGA Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, breeder for show & milk
Bit O' Hope Dairy Goat .. farm by appt goat milk & cheese (pet consumption only) Nigerian Dwarf goats (32mi W of Decatur)  Mount HopeAL    
Bulger Creek Farm FM 4 varieties of gourmet goat cheeses NotasulgaAL    
Little Star Goat Ranch farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, breeder
 Pell CityAL    
Oldesouth Farm farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats
Old Century Meats by appt raw cow milk (shares) (near Birmingham) Shelby coAL    
Working Cows Dairy farm organic milk: whole,2%,1%,choc, fat-free, heavy cream (our grass fed cows) (19mi W of Dothan) SlocombAL    
Hollowbead Ranch farm 
Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats
Sand Rock Acres farm 
purebred Nubian dairy goats, breeder for show & milk, recorded grades
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